The New Liskeard Cubs Alumni Association Newsletter

It has been exactly five months since the Cub's reunion and people here are still talking about it. We hope that your memories are still vibrant and refreshing also.

If you were unable to enroll as an Alumni Member during the reunion, you may do so now, by filling in the application below and returning it with a cheque for twenty-five dollars ($25.00) to the enclosed address. There were twenty Cubs that joined in July. In order to present a scholarship in 2004, we need your donation.

Also available, are copies of the "Cubs' Book", an excellent Christmas gift or just a keepsake for yourself. The book is a hard cover, 250 page history of the Cubs with plenty of pictures and a CD of Cub interviews, throughout the years. They too, may be purchased by sending a cheque to New Liskeard Cubs and it will be sent by return mail.

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2003-2003 New Liskeard Cubs Hockey Team
1. Dominic Leveille 12. Joey Imbeau A
3. Kevin McVittie 15. Danny Loach
4. Craig Jenkins 16. Tyler Beaudoin
5. Nathan Norton 17. Brandon Larochelle
6. Ryan Logan 18. Alain Duguay A
7. Ryan Campsall 19. Dave Baril
8. Justin Maille 20. Felix Duguay AP
9. Sylvain Breault 21. Brandon Christo C
11. Martin Toupin 30. Phil Hawken

The hockey team is sitting in 7th place in the Great North Midget League. After a slight set back in the winning column, the team will be striving to earn a "W" very soon.

The coaching staff for this season ~
Coach Darryl Christo
Assts. Simon Chartrand
Jason Willard
Trainer Al Roy
Manager Don Shepherdson

Cubs' Comments
" The Cubs played in an AAA Tournament in Clarington last week-end. The team earned a win, a tie and a loss, not enough to make it to play on Sunday.
" Friday, November 21 Cubs will play an exhibition game against the Barrie Icemen, an AAA team from the OMHL.
" There is a possibility of an interlocking schedule with a southern AAA Midget League next season. This will create new interest for the GNML and the fans.
" The Booster Club held a very successful Spaghetti Supper, with all the players waiting on tables. While the weather outdoors was wintry, two hundred and fifty people enjoyed a great night of food and fun. No one found their spaghetti in their lap or on the floor. Well done Cubs!
" The players held their annual Cub Calendar Sale early in the season and it too was great, exceeding last year's numbers.
" Follow the Cubs all season long, at

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NL Cubs Alumni Association,
Box 2630, New Liskeard,
Ontario, P0J 1P0.

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" New Liskeard Cubs 1953- 2003 A Hockey Tradition"
This book is a must for every former and future Cub Player
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