New Liskeard Cubs 2002/03 Executive
Back L to R: Rolly Forget, Ross Willard, Claude Denomme, Bob Woods, Stu McLellan,
Alvin Willard, Dick Sheedy, Don Shepherdson, Gerry Filipov, Jim Grayston
Front: Marlene Matte, Ross McDonald, Helen Kidd, Sandra McLellan, Solange Rivard,
Rose McDonald, absent- Bob Norris

Greetings to all of you Cubs in the far-away corners of the world.

Time is flying by and plans for our big weekend are all ready except for a bit of fine tuning as the date approaches. On this web-site you will find the latest agenda.. This may change a bit as we get closer, but is basically set.

We are hearing from lots of you saying that you plan on being here and that is good news, however, the actual registrations so far have been somewhat slow. We would ask that you take a few moments and fill out your form now and get it in to us.

The requests for “Blue Rodeo” tickets has been brisk and the huge tent where this performance will be held is only so big (the size of the full soccer field at the High School) and indications are that it will be full. Get your ticket orders in now.
The golf tournament is also a go, and we have been given the use of the whole 18 holes for the day. Even with that, only 288 players can be accommodated at 8:00AM and 1:00PM shot-gun starts.

The first 288 golfers to register will be accepted so don’t be disappointed, get it done now.  There has been interest shown from the general public in attending the banquet on Sunday nite. The arena floor can accommodate 1250 people and we want to fill it. Plans right now are not to sell any tickets to the general public until after May 31, so that will give you lots of time up till then to get your registration form and cheques in.
Also, don’t forget your tickets for the new Olds, and 2 more early bird draws, you have already missed 3 of them, so get these in also. All can be done from the web page.

That’s pretty well everything I wanted to report to you. I am getting excited already and am looking forward to seeing all of you in June,